a decentralised system for invoice verification

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Awards, recognition & partners

2nd place in UniCredit Slovenia PSD2 hackathon 2017

Investment and participation in the program

In the media

Biggest Slovenian startup magazine

Biggest general magazine in Slovenia

Biggest financial magazine in Slovenia

Biggest financial magazine in Slovenia

Our portfolio

Invoicing SaaS with 4000+ SME users

Developer oriented Invoicing API (beta)

What is Polara

Polara enables decentralized invoice authentication.

Leveraging the tamper-proof quality of the blockchain technology, Polara builds comprehensive trust into invoicing.

Simplifying the fiscal processes affecting governments, businesses and consumers.


Polara will enable accessible ledger that will be available anytime, anywhere to anyone.

Fraudless Economy

Polara will decrease and prevent fraud in fiscal processes based on invoices.

Cost Optimisation

Polara will decrease costs and optimise fiscal processes.

Track and verify
your invoices

Polara team

Polara is led by a team of experienced software developers, guided by prominent advisors with decades of experience in the fintech industry.

Boštjan Pišler Co-founder and CEO

David Jeras Co-founder and CTO

David Rudman Co-founder and Developer

Vid Repar Co-founder and Developer

Klavdija Janc Project Manager

Edin Muratović Project Manager


Marko Rant Co-founder & CEO @ Borza terjatev

Boris Savič Co-founder and CEO @ Olaii

Alexandre Massart Co-founder and MD @ Blend Ventures

Marko Hozjan Managing director @ Startus Group

Jakob Gajšek Co-founder & Head of Venture Relations @ ABC Accelerator

Jan Berdajs Co-founder @ Blockchain Association

Klemen Rupnik Co-founder @ Blockchain Association

Aljoša Praznik Co-founder @ Chain Effect

Blaž Bregar CEO @ 0xBase

Chris Lee Communications advisor

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We aim to become a global ledger of inter-company fiscal data and foster application ecosystem around Polara.

A part of our funds will be devoted to the application community.

Join us

We need you to build a super stellar application on top of Polara. The main area of interest are: warranties, refunds, triple-entry accounting, auditing, taxation and fiscalization and many more.

Business transparency

With Polara powered by Space Invoices (invoicing API) and Apollo (invoicing SAAS), businesses can provide invoices to its customers timely and efficiently by immutably tracking every input and output in invoice issuance.


We are preparing a use case with a major audit firm which will identify and analyse optimization of the auditing process using Polara.